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Want to make a change, but not sure where to start? You’re not alone. You like so many others know there’s something missing, something that needs to change.

You’re just not sure where to start.

Better Beginning has a proven process to help achieve those improvements and changes.

Whether their small changes, such as improving daily habits...or big changes like switching career paths at a later stage in ones life.

Better Beginning’s methods start with assisting the individual to acquire the skills necessary to reach their goals.

It’s our goal to provide our clients with the tools necessary to handle anything life throws their way. We help our clients to gain new perspective, and the innate ability to handle situations that perhaps would have baffled them in the past.


“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

The Alchemist

mission statement


Better Beginning helps guide our clients to becoming aware of their Passion and Purpose. Taking action that is in alignment with core values leads to a life of Abundance & Fulfillment in Mind, Body & Spirit.

We believe that it’s the interconnectedness with others that makes this life truly worth living. We strive to build strong, trusting, caring and loving relationships with others.


We aspire to help others, and guide them to acquire the skills necessary to build these same types of relationships with those already in their lives, and with the new people they connect with.

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Specializing in Addiction Recovery. Successfully overcome your addiction, and lead a life of freedom.


People often ask “How do I find my purpose in life?” Many of us were leading lives that just didn’t feeling “fulfilling”. 


Do you feel “stuck”?

Do you feel like everyday is exactly the same?


“There’s just something missing from my life. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I know I need to make a change, but I don’t even know where I should begin.

“Does this sound familiar?

Better Beginning has helped over 38 people with that same exact question. We’ve helped guide our clients to a better beginning, a stronger foundation and a purpose driven life!

-Our proven 3 step process


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“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

The Tao
  • What does a life coach do?
    A life coach is a “guide” in helping people discover their true potential and capabilities. A life coach helps their clients see what’s possible, and assists them in formulating a plan on how to achieve those things. I believe we can all benefit from utilizing a “coach” in life. It’s often hard for one to see the direction that might be most beneficial until we get the perspective of an outside source...a “coach” is that source
  • Is a life coach a therapist?
    A life coach is not a therapist. A coach can offer outside perspective, and help guide their clients to better understanding and self awareness in situations, but they are not licensed as “therapists”. Often times “coaches” may have personal experiences in the fields in which they tend to specialize. People often connect on a deeper level with their coach because of that commonality.
  • Does Better Beginning Now offer one on one coaching and group coaching?
    Better Beginning Now offers both 1:1 coaching sessions and group sessions. We also offer group peer building retreats, and vacation like getaways to connect & grow with other like minded individuals. The best way to find out first when these types of events are occurring is to sign up to our email list.
  • How often are the coaching sessions, and how long are they?"
    Sessions tend to last 1 hour, and frequency is dependent upon clients needs. Better Beginning Now offers coaching packages based on necessity. Recommended needs would be discussed after a discovery session between the client and coach. Ultimately the decision as to at what length to be a client is up to the client.
  • Is there daily support available if I’m a one on one client?
    Daily support is available when needed. It may depend on what sort of agreement is made between the coach and the client after the discovery session, and the coaching contract is secured. There will be support available through our online “community” group where you have take ability to connect with others regularly if you feel that’s beneficial for your growth.
  • What is a Recovery Coach?
    A “recovery coach” is a person that has personally struggled with alcohol and/or addiction and is currently no longer drinking or using. Better Beginning Now only has recovery coaches that are actively participating in their recovery regularly. We believe that it’s imperative to maintain ones sobriety in working with others trying to achieve the same. For our recovery coaches is about a lot more than just not drinking and’s about helping as many people as we can realize there’s a better way to live life. A life that’s far more rewarding than the one of despair and survival when drinking and using.
  • Are the things discussed between a coach and the client “confidential”?
    The coaches at Better Beginning Now believe that the best way to help their clients is with “trust” in knowing that the things they will discuss are between client and coach. It’s important to be able to be vulnerable and honest with someone if you’re looking to grow as a person. That growth begins with “trust”.
  • For what reasons would it beneficial to get a life coach or recovery coach?
    Having a coach would be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Mostly because we believe that “self cannot see self”, so having a coach gives that outside perspective necessary to grow in any area of life that one seeks to change.
  • Does Better Beginning Now take on just anyone as a client, or is there a screening process?"
    We believe that it’s important for there to be a good “coach & client” fit, so we don’t just take on anyone and everyone as clients. There is a discovery session to have a brief discussion to see if the relationship is a good fit for both. We believe it’s important to be able to have the ability to assist with the area of improvement the client seeks. We cannot transmit something we do not possess, and if it’s an area we believe someone else is better equipped to help, we will give our recommendations as such.

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