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Adiction Recovery

Addiction  recovery

Specializing in Addiction Recovery. Successfully overcome your addiction, and lead a life of freedom. Our proven methods help our clients retake control of their lives.



Discovering purpose

People often ask “How do I find my purpose in life?” Many of us were leading lives that just didn’t feeling “fulfilling”. From an outsiders perspective it looked like our life was one of great success, we had all the stuff society said “YOU MADE IT!”.


Something was always missing though. We’d buy the new car, get the bigger house, go on the lavish vacation...we’d experience some joy & happiness for a short period of time, and then needed to “get more”. The day in, and day out grind provided the ability to “get stuff”, but all of it didn’t change that feeling. WHAT’S MISSING?


That’s what all of us wondered...Better Beginning helps our clients discover that missing link.

Let us help you discover yours!

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Discoering purpose
Finding Your Passion

finding your passion

Do you feel “stuck”?


Do you feel like everyday is exactly the same?


You’re on the hamster wheel of life!


You feel like what you do “has no meaning” the back of your mind you should be doing something else.


You want a life that’s more “fulfilling”!!!


You’ve always dreamed of “doing what you loved!” But, what is that EXACTLY?


Maybe you are “doing what you love”, and there still seems like there’s something missing...the “passion” isn’t there anymore, and you want it back!


Better Beginning utilizes our proven 3 step method in getting our clients in tune with their passions, leading to a more fulfilling life.

Image by Ian Stauffer
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