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Vicki, South Carolina

“Working with Mike as a life coach enabled me to clearly define what mattered most to me and what I wanted out of life. Through our sessions I became aware of dreams I’d long since dismissed and then set goals that would lead me to the freedom to live the purposeful life I’ve been longing for. Together we took long term objectives and broke them down to short term goals. This took away the fear I was feeling that I’d be unable to accomplish my dreams by making the process manageable.


The accountability of our weekly sessions and the resourceful “sounding board” Mike was for me have brought about incredible life changes and a confidence in myself that was missing. If anyone is feeling “stuck” in life I cannot recommend the life coaching services of Mike Conklin founder of Better Beginning Now more. We invest our money in so many things to “comfort” us when feeling disappointed with where we are. By investing in Mikes services you will get a return with the quality of your life improving and begin to live your life to its fullest too.”

Sent to us by the Mother of someone that battled with addiction.

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Amanda Savannah, Georgia

It was a pleasure to work with Mike as my coach. He helped achieve clarity by cutting through the clutter to identify problems that were blind spots. He helped reorganize, refocus and anchor on goals, which sets challenges in new perspective.


His guidance on effecting change not just mentally, but on a physical level, was an eye-opener. It was a liberating and transformative experience from inside out. It is a process of co-creation, where the coachee steers, while Mike guides from beside.


I would definitely recommend Mike as a coach. He listens very attentively, is not afraid to be frank, goes the extra mile and is clearly passionate about what he does.

Samantha Breckenridge, Colorado

I did 10 sessions with Mike and it was actually very “life-changing” for me. Each and every session was jam-packed with the guidance and new perspectives I sorely needed. Some of the things I didn't even know were a block for me. I really enjoyed how Mike always made me feel very heard and never once told me what to do.


Instead, the self-discoveries he led me on were a lot more impactful that I had ever expected. It led me to form better habits in my career, at home, socially. I would recommend Mike to everyone. Working with him was highly worth the investment as I am left with so many tools I can use for a lifetime and I have been freed in many ways.

John Lansing, Michigan

I had success in my business and in my life but I knew there was something more for me so I hired Mike. Mike challenged my thinking, my attitudes, values and beliefs and he saw in me the potential that I needed to see in myself.

I appreciate Mike’s raw coaching that digs at the essence of what really matters and his authentic wit and wisdom that he injects into our sessions. Mike loves coaching and this is evident in is liveliness, deep presence and how he offers his experience freely. Hire Mike! He is an amazing coach.

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